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Team Gustavo Machado Georgia

News and Current Events

Kempo-Jitsu Karate Black Belt Testing
June 13, 2015. Oss!
New Black Belts at WARRIORJJMMAA

New Black Belts seated
Samuel Hernandez 1st Dan, Josie Epps 1st Dan, Jack Opacity 1st Dan, Austin Guidry 3rd, 2nd, 3rd Dans, Travis Salazar 2nd, 1st Dans, Makena Collier 1st Dan and Jeff Guerrero 1st Dan. OSS!

Up Coming Seminars & Events

Black Belt Testing
Saturday Jan. 6, 2018 at WJJMMAA
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Black Belt Candidate- Brannon Howell
All are invited to come and watch and cheer Brannon on! 

Past events

Kempo-Jitsu Karate Black Belt Testing
August 4, 2012. Oss!
New Black Belts at WARRIORJJMMAA

James Morgan, Brandon Ashe & Travis Salazar.
 Also A New Brown Belt in the Group Josie Epps.

IKF Classics July, 2014 Orlando, Fl. 
Jeff Guerrero & Samuel Hernanadez

First Official Gustavo Machado Seminar at WJJMMAA Feb. 22, 2014.


                                              Youth Seminar                                                                         Teen & Adult Seminar       

Rob "The Dutchman" Kaman Seminar

Great seminar Kaman put on. We worked a lot of counter drills off of punches and kicks! A lot of combination drills. Nice hard work out!


       Kaman 101 Group                         Austin, James and Myself.



Lutador Tournament 
Saturday Oct. 13, 2012

Jack in Blue GI taking 3rd in his division! Oss!

Lutador Tournament
Saturday March 3rd 2012. 

             Jack taking 2nd place in His Division.      
             Brandon taking 2nd & Makena taking  3rd in their divisions             

Grappling Championships
Saturday March 5th, 2011.
Mt. Zion High School
Jonesboro GA

Team Gustavo Machado Geogria
Austin taking 2nd in GI              Joseph taking 2nd in GI             Joseph taking 1st No/GI 
In their weight divisions


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