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I've been in Martial Arts now for well over 25 years and still training, teaching, coaching and competing. During this time I have made some great friendships and pick up some great training partners and  an Instructor along the way. I am a 5th Dan in Kempo Karate and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(Gustavo Machado). I received my Black Belt in Kempo Karate August of 94 and my Black Belt in BJJ February of 2012. I've competed in Kickboxing, Karate, BJJ and MMA Tournaments. I've been teaching Martial Arts for well over 15 years. I still compete in BJJ Tournaments but Teaching and Coaching are my passion now.

Warrior Jiu-Jitsu has two Black Belt Programs. 

Kempo-Jitsu Karate(Self-Defense Fighting)This is our Mixed Martial Arts. This art is a mix of Kempo, BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA and Judo. Training in this art you will learn the street nasty techniques of Kempo. The take downs, throws, positions, submissions and grappling of BJJ and Judo. The hard fist techniques along with kicks, knees, elbows and combinations of Kempo and Kickboxing. Training in this art will give you the tools you may need to handle yourself if it a self-defense in counter or if you wish to be competitive in Kickboxing, MMA, and BJJ Tournaments.

Gustavo Machado BJJ - G
ustavo has been my BJJ Instructor and Great Friend since 2000. Gustavo sets down all the guide lines for our BJJ program. Gustavo comes down from Virginia Beach every 3-4months to do seminars at Mr. Ken Hudson's school in Americus, Ga. and here at WARRIOR JJ (Mandatory). This is a BJJ class only no striking.  You will be training positions, throws, take downs, drills, submissions and grappling. We do compete in BJJ tournaments but it is not pushed to compete.

Gustavo Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
1944 Laskin Rd. Suite 401
Virginia Beach, Va. 23454
Phone - 757-422-6550

You can earn two different styles of Black Belt while Training at WARRIOR JJ.
Kempo-Jitsu Karate
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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  Contact - Bobby Wilson -706-799-3201
School Location - Patriots Park 5445 Columbia Rd, Grovetown(Augusta), Ga. 30813
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